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Built on the backs of prisoners of war, this Shinto shrine commemorated Japan's conquest of Singapore and testified to the might of the "Empire of the Rising Sun".

A lady wearing a niqab, a face veil, while shopping at a market in Gaza. © Natasa Kleanthous

A life choked with adversity along the Gaza Strip

A Hae-Nyeo diver in a modern rubber diving suit – which were distributed in the 1970s – carrying her harpoon. © Kang Man Bo

The Hae-Nyeo divers of Jeju Island in South Korea have been freediving for hundreds of years, harvesting seafood by hand.

Singapore's renaissance woman, Sylvia Kho (1917–2013), was an innovator and entrepreneur in the arts of fashion, beauty and decoration. Read about the story of her life, which is nothing short of amazing.

The clanging of hammers on metal, echoing through the back alleys of Bangkok, sounds out a fading tradition...

Malaria is pervasive in Asia-Pacific, yet its invisibility means that people are not aware of the scale of the problem. Biomedical scientist Professor Kevin Baird discusses the disease, its impact in the region, and how we need to combat it.

Togakushi – the destination of the pilgrimage – has five shrines. © Ed Day.

There is a Japan beyond the hectic city life of Tokyo, the technology, and the stereotypes of geishas and men in suits. We often speak of looking at the bigger picture, and rightly so. In Japan, this means venturing beyond the comforts of the cities, exploring the rural hinterland, and having the luxury of time to do so.

© Shutterstock.

Screaming men charge through the lines of soldiers and paramedics protecting the temple's shrine – they are possessed by the decorative and magical Sak Yant tattoos that have been etched into their skin.

Hon and his son walk through the rice fields outside their village. The Kuy are the biggest indigenous community in Cambodia. © Antoine Raab/ The Ruom Collective 

A Cambodian community protects its sacred forest

In Cambodia’s northern Prey Lang forest, one of the last remaining lowland evergreen forests in Southeast Asia, the indigenous Kuy community is organising itself to preserve its roots, traditions, and protect the land to which it belongs.

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The Samurai were the warrior clans of medieval Japan, immortalised in literature and in art.

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