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A Myanmar Tapestry of Traditions, Cultures and Languages

“This is Burma and it is unlike any land you know about.”

– Rudyard Kipling in Letters from the East

Known as Myanmar in present day, the country has a rich tapestry of traditions, cultures and tribes dating back 13,000 years.

What impact has the deep split in the once-unified kingdom had on the Korean language?

Traditional Mosuo Relationships

They sound like customs that belong to a forgotten culture of an ancient community. The people do not traditionally marry, but engage uninhibitedly in consensual relationships with different and often multiple partners, as desired by each party, from the age of 13.

How Technology and Globalisation Are Changing Language As We Know It – In our everchanging lexical world, where languages twist and turn, and sometimes bend over backwards or die out to suit trends, cultural changes and technology, the future of the spoken and written word is difficult to predict.

Scheherazade regaling Shahryar with a story. © Wikicommons

According to shocking official statistics from 2013, in India, a women is abducted every 10 minutes and one is raped every 20 minutes. In response to such a dire reality, the Gulabi Gang, an association of 400,000 women, has become the bane of rapists, abusers, and corrupt policemen.

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