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Built on the backs of prisoners of war, this Shinto shrine commemorated Japan's conquest of Singapore and testified to the might of the "Empire of the Rising Sun".

Singapore's renaissance woman, Sylvia Kho (1917–2013), was an innovator and entrepreneur in the arts of fashion, beauty and decoration. Read about the story of her life, which is nothing short of amazing.

The clanging of hammers on metal, echoing through the back alleys of Bangkok, sounds out a fading tradition...

Tao Yuanming, also known as Tao Chien (365-427 CE), is widely considered to be one of the greatest poets of the Six Dynasties Era. His poem, 'Substance, Shadow and Spirit', is insightful and philosophical, and its message about life strikes a cord even to this day.

With a history spanning over 2,000 years, sumo offers an exhilarating taste of Japanese culture.

Armed with homemade gunny-sack nets, the Indonesian villagers with their feet planted firmly on the inner walls of Mount Bromo's crater had their eyes fixated upwards.

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