The extinct Languages of Asia

Many languages throughout Asia have become extinct over time. This happens when there are no ancestors fluent in the language to pass it on, and the language no longer has any speakers. We follow the timeline along which some Asian languages have fallen out of currency. 

More than 100 languages across the Asian continent have undergone language death, have no native speakers or have no spoken descendants. 


Dicamay Agta 

year of extinction: 1974

Luzon, Isabela province, Philippines 

In 1957, only one family was left speaking the language. By 1974, the remainder of the community neither spoke nor understood the language, rendering the Dicamay Agta extinct.


Kyakhta Russian-Chinese Pidgin

year of extinction: 2000


This pidgin derives its name from a southern Siberian town known as Kyakhta and was an important language used by Russian and Chinese traders in the south of lake Baikai from the early 18th to the middle of the 19th century. A daughter language known as Manchurian Russian-Chinese Pidgin was formed in the second half of the 19th century as Russians gradually encroached upon Manchuria (northeast China).



year of extinction: 2010

Taichung and Miaoli, Taiwan

Pazeh was the language of a community of Taiwanese aboriginals of the same name. Closely related to Saisiyat, the language went extinct in 2010, following the death of the age 96 of Pan Jin-yu, the remaining fluent native speaker.  


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