The illegal animal trade, deforestation and its affect on the climate, pose an existential threat to Borneo’s wildlife. © Gil Woolley/ Scubazoo

Read about how deforestation and the illegal animal trade threatens Borneo’s wildlife and how the WRU are working tirelessly to mitigate the threat.

You can also check out the trailer for the exciting new web-series, Borneo Wildlife Warriors.

The proboscis monkey has received increasing attention in recent years. Indeed, it has become a flagship species for tourism activities throughout its range, particularly in popular areas like Sukau in Kinabatangan, Sabah in East Malaysia. Tourists are almost always guaranteed to be rewarded with the sight of these enigmatic animals, as they can be easily found along rivers on a slow boat cruise in the mornings and evenings. This is due to their preference for habitats along rivers and coastlines; and their social group structure, which consists of basic one-male, multi-female or all-male groups congregating along waterways.

When I climbed the top of Indonesia's highest volcano, Gunung Kerinci (3805m) in West Sumatra, I was first gasping for oxygen. Then as I neared the top's crater, the smell of rotten eggs hit my nose. Who was the culprit of this terrible odour? It came from a column of steam, constantly rising from the crater and wafting over the edge towards us hikers. The mucus membranes of our eyes, mouth and ears were simply itching.

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