Malaria is pervasive in Asia-Pacific, yet its invisibility means that people are not aware of the scale of the problem. Biomedical scientist Professor Kevin Baird discusses the disease, its impact in the region, and how we need to combat it.

Covering over 70 percent of the Earth's surface, oceans are essential to life. Undoubtedly, our oceans are changing in response to climate change. What does this mean for our liquid planet?

In every society there are those who do not play by the rules, and who dream of taking long journeys of pilgrimage. In our Solar System, these maverick renegades are also the most mysterious; they are the comets that bring magic and wonder to our night skies. Unexpectedly, and beyond our wildest imaginings, they are the source of all true magic- they hold the key to the origins of life on Earth.


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