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The next issue of ASIAN Geographic focuses on climate change. Our photographic showcase documents coastal communities in the Sundarbans, whose livelihoods are threatened by rising sea levels and increasing salinity. We trail a faction of Cambodian environmental vigilantes who are combatting illegal deforestation, examine the connection between climate change, food security and women farmers in Asia, walk with Borneo’s wildlife warriors in saving the orangutans, and follow a group of children salvaging pollution in Manila to make a living. We put meat under the knife in the carbon emissions discussion, and visit a small community of monks who are warding off the pushing tide in Thailand to save their sacred temple. Rather than looking at the effects of climate change in isolation, the issue also considers the possible solutions.

LANGUAGES OF ASIA In this 17th anniversary edition, ASIAN Geographic examines the diversity of languages and dialects across Asia. From the development of Japanese characters at the hands of scholarly samurai, to the myriad languages and dialects of minority tribes in Myanmar, explore the nuances of the languages we use today, the tragedy of those that stand on the brink of extinction, and the hope for rejuvenating those that are all but lost. We also investigate the escalating war between formal and informal gold mining contingents in Mongolia, and explore the unique language of love of among the Mosuo people of China.

Travel with ASIAN Geographic to discover the first peoples who migrated to the Asian continent in our picturesque series by Jimmy Nelson. Find out about migrating comets in the Oort Cloud, the nomadic way of life in Mongolia and the Chinese labourers to British Guiana and back. Even the earth does not remain still, as you will find in our feature of Pangaea. Come with us - we are all travellers here on Earth.

ASIAN Geographic celebrates Mother’s Day by honouring women who have paved the way in human rights, social justice and fearless photojournalism in Asia. We pay tribute to Alexandra Boulat’s photos of the 2003 Iraq invasion, remember Singapore’s renaissance woman Sylvia Kho and cover the plight of abused women in India’s Pink War amongst other stories.

In the second issue of 2016, ASIAN Geographic delves to the heart of the planet and its warming climate. Coming at the back of the Paris Climate Talks, we look at how impactful the new agreements are to Asian countries and how we are taking steps to ensure the survival of our planet.

In the first issue of 2016, ASIAN Geographic takes a closer look at the simian race as we move into the zodiac Year of the Monkey, from monkey gods worshipped in every corner of the Asian continent to the 5th-century Monkey Temple in Nepal and the 16th-century Chinese fable ‘Journey to the West’.


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