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This issue of ASIAN Geographic Junior is all about great journeys. We feature Admiral Zheng He on the cover, whose voyages across the Seven Seas made him one of Asia’s greatest icons. From colourful pilgrimages to historic modes of transport, let’s travel in this issue to learn about the significance of journeys.

This issue of ASIAN Geographic Junior is dedicated to the Superwomen among us! From politics to arts, science and young female inventors, these Superwomen have entered history’s hall of fame for their courage and creativity.

Climate change is serious business - so let’s put the green mantra “reduce, reuse and recycle” into practice. In this issue, we check out 10 wacky eco-friendly inventions, 8 hardy animals who adapt quickly to changing climates and look back at some of history’s worst environmental disasters in Asia. There’s also an arts and craft section to make your own swimming sea turtles from recycled plastic bottles!

In ASIAN Geographic JUNIOR’s first issue of 2016 we are going bananas over our primate friends, because it’s the Chinese zodiac Year of the Monkey! Look out for how monkeys have been portrayed in popular culture, from Sun Wukong’s Journey to the West to Disney cartoons and Hollywood films. We also get serious and study their habitats in the tropical rainforest, learning why it’s important to preserve the jungles - no monkey business here.


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