Discover the Philippines – Siquijor and Palawan Island

Siquijor, the Philippines

Enjoy the tropical Filipino sun on these two popular destinations; Siquijor and Palawan Island. There are many beaches and an abundance of natural wonders such as the cascading waterfalls.

Experience the blend of Filipino cultures of the two locations and get the chance to celebrate alongside the locals. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to love Siquijor and Palawan Island for their diversity.

Top 5 travel destinations in Siquijor

1. Salagdoong Beach

Unleash your inner child at Salagdoong Beach with its exhilarating cliff-jumping adventures! Jump off either a 20-feet or 35-feet cliff into the clear waters of the beach.

Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor Island

How to get there: Drive from Siquijor Port to Maria, which is located at the eastern tip of the island. The ride will take around 30 minutes. Travel through the forest before emerging at the beach.

Clear waters at Salagdoong Beach

2. Solangon Beach

Catch the fiery sunset that falls onto the long stretch of white sand on Salangon Beach! The low-tides also call for a pleasant stroll along the beach and a quick dip in the cool waters.

How to get there: Take a public tricycle or motorbike from Siquijor Port to Solangon Beach, which is around 10 kilometers away.

3. Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls at Siquijor

Located on the east of the island, Cambugahay Falls is a magnificent sight to the eyes. Visitors can soak in the waters at the pool below or rope swing into the pool for P50.

How to get there: Cambugahay Falls is around a 50-minute drive from Siquijor Port. Rent a scooter for the entire day to travel around Siquijor at your own pace.

Aerial view of Cambugahay Falls

4. Mount Bandilaan

The majestic Mount Bandilaan towers over the island of Siquijor. Mountain springs and rivers surround the mountain’s foot coupled with caves and the Bandilaan Butterfly Range and Breeding Farm. Perfect for trekkers!

Mount Bandilaan at Siquijor

How to get there: Mount Bandilaan is located in the heart of Siquijor. The ride to the mountain is around 30 minutes from Siquijor Port.

5. Cantabon Cave

The Cantabon Cave is an adventurous trail, where the opening of the cave will lead you to pitch-black interiors under the Earth!

How to get there: It takes around 30 minutes from San Juan and 20 minutes from Siquijor Port.

Cantabon Cave at Siquijor


Top 5 travel destinations in Palawan Island

1. Nacpan Beach

Located on the northern tip of the island, Nacpan Beach is the most popular and beautiful beach in El Nido. With four kilometers of white sand, coconut trees, and clear water, Nacpan Beach is a perfect beach getaway trip.

Nacpan Beach at Palawan Island

How to get there: Nacpan Beach is a 45-minute drive from the heart of El-Nido.

2. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

A UNESCO Heritage site, this park features a beautiful natural landscape with an underground river. Visitors can board a boat and cruise along the clear waters of the river, admiring the rock formations of these caves.

How to get there: The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is located in Sabang, about 80 kilometers from Puerto Princesa’s city.

Cave of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park at Palawan Island
Entrance of Puerto Princesa Subterranean Underground River

3. Ugong Rock Adventures

Located just north of Puerto Princesa, Ugong Rock Adventures is the perfect way to experience the utterly breathtaking natural wonders of Palawan Island. Zip-line through the park and explore underground caves with a guided tour. For a more relaxed experience, opt for a bus tour. The tourist attraction is also operated by the local community there!

Ugong Rock Limestone Cave at Palawan Island
Tourists exploring the Ugong Rock Cave

How to get there: Ugong Rock Adventures is an hour’s drive north of Puerto Princesa.

4. Taraw Cliff

Climb the towering Taraw Cliff that overlooks the town of El Nido! Don’t forget your hiking shoes and other safety equipment though, as the path up is jagged and rocky.

How to get there: Taraw Cliff is located in the heart of El Nido and it is not difficult to miss. The hike up takes around 45 minutes.

Taraw Cliff at Palawan Island

5. Talaudyong Beach

Heading further down Palawan Island to Puerto Princess, visitors are encouraged to visit Talaudyong Beach. Perfect for sunbathing and swimming, the beach is mostly untouched and rarely visited by tourists and locals.

Talaudyong Beach at Palawan Island

How to get there: Visitors will need to rent a private vehicle to get to Talaudyong Beach. It is about a 45-minute drive from the city center of Princess Puerto

Aerial view of Talaudyong Beach at Palawan Island

To read more, do check out our Discover the Philippines e-Newsletter series! Both Siquijor and Palawan Island have plenty to offer for all travellers, so do consider them as your next travel destinations to fully immerse yourselves in the tropics and experience all that the Philippines has to offer to you!


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