Green Marketing: What is it?


By Katreena Sarmiento

When it comes to digital marketing strategies, one of the most powerful ways to get a strong following is through green marketing. Man-made climate change is inevitable, and we’re starting to experience its adverse effects. With more people starting to care about the environment, it’s also a fantastic way to show how you do your part.

If you’re a company that values what you can do for the world and you also want an audience that shares the same values, green marketing is the right move. Here’s everything you need to know about green marketing, from how you can do it to its importance in society.

What is Green marketing?

Green marketing is the process of promoting products, services, and even brand values that espouse environmental sustainability, whether real or perceived. Whether it’s being carbon neutral in the shipping industry or soaps from sustainable manufacturing, you are espousing values more than a simple product.

When using green marketing techniques, the primary goal is to show that you are doing your part in helping the environment. There are many ways to do so, and you’re signaling to your customers that you are worthy of their support because of your processes that are better for the environment.

These can be your ingredients, how you ship your products, how you manufacture them, or even if you use renewables in your business. As for your business goals, the target is to be environmentally conscious and care about what goes into the things they buy.

Why is Green Marketing Important?

So, why is green marketing important in today’s landscape? We all know that the world is on the brink of a major disaster due to climate change. Pollution, greenhouse gases trapping the heat of the sun, and rising sea levels affecting marine weather are all putting humanity at the brink of extinction.

With all these happening, businesses need to do their part in helping delay the effects of climate change. The level of ecological awareness in consumers increases every year, with the current generation caring about the environment the most. 

People are eager to pay for eco-friendly products and services, even with the additional cost it incurs them. Many brands are looking to help, too, while addressing the growing needs of their customers. Green marketing is the right solution for everyone.

How Does Green Marketing Work?

The process of green marketing entails a lot of public relations. The perfect combination of good packaging, robust public relations, and actual positive action can give you the boost you need. These positive impacts will differentiate you from the rest of the competition.

You want to use your environment and social improvements to encourage potential customers to buy into your ecosystem. Highlight what you do and the positive impact you have on the world. These can be almost anything, including:

  • Carbon emissions reduction
  • High labor standards
  • Low-emission supply chains
  • Philanthropic programs that help restore the environment
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Renewables used during manufacturing

You would need to use these activities as part of your social statements to show customers that you’re doing something to help. The digital marketing techniques will be almost the same as others, with not much difference apart from using more green keywords to connect with your target audience.

Social media will be an essential part of the process. Not only will it have a good number of potential clientele and an eco-friendly audience, but green marketing also thrives from social interactions. You want to build a strong level of engagement for your brand to take advantage of the benefits that green marketing provides.

What Are The Benefits of Green Marketing?

You can derive several benefits from using green marketing as your primary strategy for your business. With this process, companies can start helping the planet that is not simply out of profit. Sure, businesses are free to use it to improve their bottom line, which also entails crucial social responsibility investments.

A green marketing strategy offers a robust process for companies to attract a new audience and even target entire new demographics. Health and sustainability enthusiasts are starting to penetrate across several age groups. The modern consumer wants to know how products are made, and the processes companies follow from farm/factory to market.

An eco-friendly marketing standpoint also underscores profitability and brand loyalty, helping them stand out. Most consumers, when given a choice between green companies and other brands with similar products, green companies are mostly given priority.

An environmentally-focused approach to your business also gives you a better way to respond to growing consumer demands for greener, more sustainable products. In turn, these can help you lower your overhead costs over time.

Green Marketing Best Practices

Green marketing entails a lot more than simply telling your audience that “you’re going green.” it entails consistent best practices; otherwise you’re performing “greenwashing” – an unethical marketing practice where companies pretend to be green simply to reel audiences in.

It’s crucial to start a sustainability culture within your company. Inform employees about the eco-friendly practices you’re planning to promote and what additional steps you want. These can be anything from going paperless, moving towards renewable energy, to partnering with other green companies.

It’s also vital to get green certifications to incorporate them into your marketing strategies. Organizations like Green America can provide seals of authority, a robust social proof for your audiences to see.

Support eco-friendly programs within your community. Help fund green charities and programs that work to further sustainable efforts. You add further credence to your marketing and your green brand journey by supporting such organizations.

As we noted, it’s also crucial to partner with like-minded businesses. Not only will this be a strong social signal for your business, but it’s also a way to avoid the fallout of announcing yourself as a green business but having partners who don’t follow eco-friendly practices.

Final Thoughts

Green marketing is a powerful process that lets your business help the environment and gain a better market position at the same time. Companies big and small are free to reap the benefits of their eco-friendly actions. 

Customers making conscious decisions to help the environment are growing consistently. If you’re having a positive impact in the world with your business, now is the right time to take green marketing seriously.

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