Influential Storytellers of Our Time

Meet the people who create some of the most well-known stories of our time

Flowing Through Our Hearts: The International Day of Action for Rivers

According to International Rivers, the International Day of Action for Rivers is a day dedicated to solidarity – when diverse communities around the world...

8 Top Spots to explore and activities to try in Phuket, Thailand

1. Big Buddha There is a myriad of exciting ways to see this treasured landmark. Many tours offer this experience and it is most divine...

Tree of Life: The Wood Element

Article extracted from Asian Geographic Issue 02/2020 (141) Text: Shreya Acharya It is durable and strong, warm and cosy, and lasts up to hundreds of years....
E-sports, Gaming, Russia

How gaming became an athletic event

Video games have come a long way from internet cafes and LAN shops, and the profitability of this popular pastime might just make Olympians out of enthusiasts

Bangkok’s Chinese Heritage May Soon Be Bulldozed

The Thai capital's new train line may see the removal of cultural sites including an iconic village of alms bowl makers 

Philanthropic Champions

Visionaries who believe in making the world a better place and have made efforts to do so

China’s Attempt at Mitigating Plastic Waste

Text: Sitaraah Joshi Imagine looking over an endless sea of overcrowded, cluttered waste. Such is the plight of the heaps of rubbish that have been...