Bewitching Bardhaman

Enchanting and tranquil is the sanctuary Bardhaman, a district in India lined with ornate temples and grant façades. Here nature and architecture exist in harmony, the perfect getaway for the weary metropolitan.

On the Road

A Singaporean traveller shares a travelogue of his journey from Lanzhou to Dunhuang, offering a taste of what explorers can look forward to on the Asian Geographic Silk Road China Expedition in 2017.

Island Styling

The island province of Negros Oriental in the Philippines is a haven for explorers who prefer off-the-beaten-track adventures

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary – An Oasis of Peace

Text and images by Subhasish Chakraborty When it comes to Wellness Tourism, there definitely is a new kid in town – Bhutan.  This tiny speck...

Discover the Philippines – Siquijor and Palawan Island

Enjoy the tropical Filipino sun on these two popular destinations; Siquijor and Palawan Island. There are many beaches and an abundance of natural wonders...

Top 5 Places to Visit in Shan State

One of the most exciting train rides in Asia begins from Mandalay to Lashio via the Gokteik Viaduct. The 15-hour train journey crosses from...

Top 5 Places to Visit in Tbilisi

by Flora Toh and Justyna MielniklewiczUnravel the celestial elegance of the Tusheti region, where pristine white clouds spread out to meet exquisite snow-clad mountain...

The Big Durian

Every relationship with Jakarta is a love-hate one. Well, it is not called the “Big Durian” for nothing

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Island Nations of Asia

What is an Island Nation? An island country is a nation that is made up of one or more islands or land that is surrounded completely by water. Around one-fifth of Asia is made up of island nations, and while island countries are typically small with low populations, some, like...

The Pyramid of Gunung Padang

Megalithic site in Indonesia could be the oldest in the world Gunung Padang Indonesia Göbekli Tepe TurkeyPyramids of Giza EgyptStonehenge EnglandBorobudur IndonesiaRapa Nui Easter IslandMacchu Picchu PeruGunung Padang is once again making headlines as the first pyramid in Southeast Asia and the oldest megalithic site in the world.Recent discoveries as deep as 90 feet found the hill-pyramid to contain...

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

(Photo: Graphicaartis/Corbis) The Hanging Gardens of Babylon has captured the imagination of historians worldwide for centuries. Yet, its existence remains a debate as years of digging have turned up nothing about the lost Gardens.First described in a book called Babyloniaca by a Chaldean priest named Berossus in 280 BC, the...
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