Antics in the Wild

    baby monkey

    Antics in the Wild

    Primates – which consist of monkeys, apes and more – have long bewildered our imaginations with their cheekiness, antics, similarities and human-like behaviour. Monkeys and apes are both primates, with the main difference being that monkeys have tails while apes do not. Today, there are about 260 known living species of monkeys and six types of apes in the world. This series of photos capture the simian race at their most human and picturesque, from travelling to sleeping to swimming and even group hugging.

    CS Ling is a wildlife photographer in Singapore. Her compelling images of endangered wildlife coupled with her dedication to educate the younger generation has earned her much recognition. In 2012, she won the grand prize at the Windland Smith Rice International Photography Awards.

    Check out the whole compilation of photos and stories in Asian Geographic Issue 116, 2016




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