Vietnamese Wet Markets: No Changes Despite Pledges

Investigation conducted by Asia for Animals and We Animals Media Photography by by Aaron Gekoski /Asia for Animals and We Animals Media Extracted Text by Asia for...

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The Tree Man

Abul Bajandar made headlines last year with his tree-like warts covering his limbs. Now, this extremely rare illness has given him a life he never expected.

A Habitat for Humanity


Thailand’s Hill Tribes See Their Last Days

As elders pass on and youth surrender to the tide of modernisation, the once-proud villages who lived off the land are surrendering their diligently preserved traditions for basic food and healthcare

Women of Gaza

As with all Palestinians in what is often described as the world’s largest open-air prison, life for the women of the Gaza Strip is choked with adversity.

Top 5 Things to Buy and Try in Singapore

1. CHILLI CRAB Talk about finger-lickin’ good! Described as “sensuous” and “sweet, yet savoury”, with a “fluffy texture”, Singapore’s world-famous chilli crab – ordered with a healthy round of fried mantou (buns), of course – is about as good as it gets, if seafood is your thing. Some of the...
HIV in Nepal

The Last Frontier

Nepalese migrant workers are most at risk of contracting HIV. Without proper screening and information, this poses a worrying threat for the rest of the population.

Spirits of the Yellow Leaves

Text Shu Nimonjiya | Photos Geza J. Holzinger When development and preservation collide. In the highlands of Northern Thailand, there was once a truly isolated tribe whose individuals were called phi (spirit/ghost). Staying hidden largely out of fear, they lived deep in the forest, completely isolated from the prying eyes of...

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Palm Progress

Can palm oil plantations and endangered rainforests really coexist? One conservationist says yes. Text and images credit: Nathan Sen The island of Borneo, divided among Malaysia,...

Above the Water: Sea Science

Text by Benjamin P.Horton 340 MILLION people are at risk of flooding from sea-level rise by 2050. We know that rising sea levels affect every coastal...

The Gold Trap: How COVID-19 is pushing Filipino children into hazardous work

By Marielle Lucenio The Philippines had been making slow progress in its long fight against child labour, but the pandemic reversed the gains that had...

A culture of silence blunts the impact of a new Vietnamese law against sexual...

By Trang Vu Vietnam’s new labor law requires employers to put in place mechanisms to prevent and penalize sexual harassment in the workplace. But Vietnamese...

Who Peels Your Garlic: Inside Manila’s Informal Economy

By Geela Garcia The garlic peeling industry in Baseco, Manila renders Filipino women among the least visible, worst paid, and most dispensable part of...

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The Road to Independence: Burma (1945 – 1962)

From the 1962 Democracy Protests, through the 1974 U Thant Crisis, the 1988 Uprising, and the 2007 Saffron Revolution, to the 2021 Spring Revolution, Myanmar has fought against the whims of its military leaders and suffered at the hands of the army. To make sense of the tumultuous events of the past six decades, we must understand the complex politics and power struggles that have dominated this country once known as Burma.

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