Thailand: The Kayan in Limbo

Text and Images by Guillaume Petermann The Kayan village of Thailand is a minority group of Myanmar (Burma), donning brass spirals around their necks for...
hungry ghost festival

Sidewalk sacrifices

The 7th lunar month sees incense and food left on sidewalks in Asia, but experts and Taoist believers cannot agree on why or how the practice came to be.

10 Asteroids Named After Famous Asian Icons

Not all asteroids have boring names! Here are 10 of the funkiest ones from Asia

Invasive Mussel Species Found In Asia For First Time

And researchers in Singapore say the mussel might be living under the radar across Asian waters

Photographer Spotlight: Froilan Robas

Street/People Category June 2020 Winner, taken in Manila, Philippines, titled "Faith" and captioned "An annual festival celebrating the Feast of The Black Nazarene in...

Photographer Spotlight: Md Rafayat Haque Khan

Photojournalism Category February 2020 Winner, captioned “Muslim travel on overcrowded trains after attending the final prayer of Biswa Ijtema at Tongi near Dhaka, considered...

Photographer Spotlight: Zon Hisham

Street/People Category January 2020 Winner, titled “Zen It Out”, by Zon Hisham Bin Zainal Abidin, in Sabah, Malaysia As ASIAN Geographic’s annual Images of Asia...

Post Report: Asian Geographic Images of Asia (IOA) Photography Competition

The Asian Geographic Images of Asia Photography competition exhibits the work of photographers from all across Asia, culminating in a night of appreciation and celebration.