Enchanted Forests: A World of Fascination

(Text and photos by Jürgen Freund, with Stella Chiu-Freund) From Borneo to the Solomon Islands, Indonesia to the Philippines and Australia, we enter a magic...

When Past Meets Present: Capturing the Passages of Time

(Text and Photos by Bobby Neel Adams) THE photographs in Bobby Neel Adams’ series, Age Maps, document the passage of time by juxtaposing and merging...

Transforming Lives: Art for Human’s Sake

AS RARE AS once in many centuries, a great piece of art shows up, and not another word shall be uttered. The notion of...

Mornings in Malacca

From old men leafing through newspapers to children running errands, mornings in Malacca radiate a timeless charm   Photos by Robert Lie   In Malacca, once considered among...


From the rugged mountains of the India to the gleaming business district of Singapore, Photographer Ravikumar Jambunathan uses black and white images to capture moments of transcendence.

A Boundless Land

The wildest terrain against the warmest moments. Photographer Michele Martinelli explores the lives of Mongolia’s nomadic people

Winning photos: The Reuters Photojournalism Grant

We take a peek at the world through they eyes of tomorrow's photojournalists

A World Away

Hidden in the mountains, China’s largest minority group struggle to maintain their ways of life. 
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