Asian Geographic Issue 01/2020 No. 140

Dive into our new look with our Water edition. The deep blue is fascinating, not only for what lurks beneath, but even how people have been traversing it for centuries, and its significance in cultures and traditions. From birth to the journey of life, and even in death, water is a vital element in all lives, whether it is through consumption, livelihood, or part of an ingrained ritual. Let us bring you through this journey, as we swim through Chinese and Hindu philosophies, the ocean and river streams, and other blue-themed surprises. This issue will grab your attention and bring to light the immense beauty of this elixir of life. Sit back, and let the tides take you in.

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Asian Geographic Issue 06/2019 No. 139

The concept of food has always been one served on a plate (or bowl) selflessly, with a story to tell. Each ingredient and every process tells a tale of a home and a homeland. In this issue, we journey through the history of staple Asian foods, rice and noodles, and their associated dishes around the region. You may see stark differences as well as uncanny resemblances among dishes, and each dish will show you part of a nation’s culture and tradition. Our feature articles highlight the unique street food culture of Asia, and take you through the fascinating history and practice of the paan (betel nut) custom. And in case it all makes you feel a little peckish, we have also provided some inspiration for amazing restaurants, cafés, and other dining experiences for any mood, budget and event, so you can have your fix in any corner of Asia. Be warned though: your mouth will water and you may hear a rumble – from your tummy, of course. But we promise it will be worth the journey.

Asian Geographic Issue 05/2019 No. 138

Asian Geographic Magazines continues to commemorate its 20th anniversary in this issue by celebrating the richness, allure, and expanse of Asian brands, artists, and locations that are, and have been, in line with our publication’s themes and overall outlook for the past 20 years, as well as bring to you more original articles and perspectives. For the last two decades, we have been honouring Asia’s diversity and vastness, and still continue important discussions in the continent, ranging from environmental issues to science, exploration, travel and of course, the different heritage, art and cultures that pulsate through the continent and reinforce our vision to bring Asia to the World.

Asian Geographic Issue 04/2019 No. 137

In this issue, Asian Geographic magazine celebrates 20 years of publishing by rehashing some of its best works, contributors, and achievements. We will look at two decades of captivating photography and stunning art, as well as scientific discoveries and cultural exploration. While it is safe to keep on the track, our journey through Asia has often taken us off the beaten path, whether through physical quests or beyond the boundaries of our minds. On this occasion, we also bring to light a unique perception of the current economic development in India and China, as well as take you through the enchanting, multi-faceted country that is Qatar. As we mark this milestone we look back on this beautiful continent and the people who have helped shape our identity, but we also look forward – for there is much more to come.

Asian Geographic Issue 03/2019 No. 136

Asia has no lack of treasures and in this issue, we present the multitude of identities and forms they take. From a journey into the Golden Triangle to explore the lifestyles, spiritual beliefs, traditions and arts of the six major hill tribes that live there, we also look at UNESCO Heritage sites in India, the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, China, Qatar, Nepal, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. We trace the intriguing journey of Koh-i-Noor, the world’s most famous diamond, from India to England, and reflect upon the bountiful natural resources that our Earth has provided in our columns on nature and wildlife.

Asian Geographic Issue 02/2019 No. 135

This issue compares the mobile phone scene in Asia and the West and delves into everything related to the gadget that has become very much a part of our everyday lives. We zoom in on apps, wireless networks, mobile service providers and phone manufacturers – the people and technologies that fuel the burgeoning global mobile phone market. We illustrate the evolution of the mobile phone and what actually goes into its production with informative timelines and carefully crafted infographics. In addition, we explore the problems and possibilities that come with the ever-evolving mobile phone scene. Be inspired by winning photographs from international mobile photography competitions in the mobile photography special and reminisce about pagers, phonebooks and other essentials that kept people connected in the past.

Asian Geographic Issue 01/2019 No. 134

Themed The Taste of Waste, issue 134 spotlights one of the most pressing environmental issues mankind faces — plastic pollution. We trace the history of this ubiquitous manmade monster and reveal some shocking statistics of our plastic consumption. Additionally, we discuss how factors like economic development, mindless consumption and poor waste management have led to severe pollution of rivers in Asia and how the plastic we discard is finding its way into our diets. Besides highlighting countries with effective waste management and recycling practices, we present viable solutions to our plastic problem in stories like Our Battle for Sustainability and Changing the Face of Plastic Waste. In the hope of inspiring you to mitigate the impact you make on the environment, we have included The Reality of Recycling Plastic that tells you the essentials of plastic recycling, Thinking Twice About Travel and You Can Make a Difference that both touch on our incessant demand for energy.

Asian Geographic Issue 04/2018 No. 132

Draw inspiration from influential leadership icons, philanthropic champions, business magnates, science icons, cultural figures and sports heroes in our list of 100 astonishing Asians. Read about how plein-air drawing is gaining a strong following in urban societies worldwide in an age when instant photo feeds prevail. In ‘Microscopic Plastic Litter and Rivers of Filth’, we spotlight the issue of plastic pollution and how this environmental nemesis can find its way to your dinner. Find out how a Dutch man had a hand in writing history when he copied the Portugese’s closely-guarded sailing routes to the East Indies in ‘The Map That Opened Up Southeast Asia’. What’s your impression of Kama Sutra? Find out how it compares to the true identity of what could be the most celebrated yet misunderstood treatise on sex. See Singapore from new perspectives in Sony ambassador Michael Yamashita’s shots of the garden city, and view a snapshot of the highest and longest natural and man-made structures in the East and West.

Asian Geographic Issue 03/2018 No. 131

This year, the quadrennial Asian Games – a massive sports event that often gets mixed up with some of its regional variants – will be hosted here in Southeast Asia. We appraise several local sports that set the Asiad’s lineup apart from its Olympic counterpart, and drop in on three unique sportspeople gearing up for August. But the 18th Games’ most interesting aspect could just be its return to Indonesia, a place where, over a half-century ago, Jakarta’s controversial hosting decisions shocked the 1960s’ worlds of sports and politics. Indonesian politics also kicks off another fascinating tale: how five Southeast Asian men managed to create the first Asian miracle of the 20th century: the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Helped by a few rounds of golf and drinks, these powerful diplomats succeeded in getting their respective countries – many with histories of bitter grudges and border invasions – to team up into a bloc that today still merits international admiration. Their surviving family and friends share memories of these master negotiators.
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Asian Geographic Issue 02/2018 No. 130

What is tradition? In this issue, we look at how a people’s loving protection and willing maintenance of ancient observances allow rituals like fire wars to survive the generations, and revive fading subcultures – like Thailand’s forest wizards – from the brink of extinction. Yet this era’s predominant theme seems encapsulated by the underdog tribe’s failure to resist bartering unique customs for a share in progress, meaning unusual ways of life, like monkey hunting and corpse care, may soon be permanently forfeited to history. Dive into the weird and wonderful parts of Asia’s heritage as we uncover the diverse ways that her people make meaning of milestones and seasons, and live unique lives across remote islands, quiet villages and high mountains.

Asian Geographic Issue 01/2018 No. 129

With the modern world developing at the dizzying pace it is, do you know what’s going on around you and how it all works? In this issue, we look at the latest in science and technology across the region, from the obvious – China’s transformation from IT copycat to technology leader – to the unexpected, like why Cambodia’s farmers are now selling bat faeces instead of rice. Go on a sparkling journey across the night sky in our exclusive story on astrotourism, an upcoming trend that’s winning the hearts of Asians young and old across the region. Read about a mysterious bridge between India and Sri Lanka that has geologists befuddled, and a hyper fast underwater levitating train – straight out of a sci-fi movie ­– that you might soon be able to buy tickets for. Are you ready to get up to speed?

Asian Geographic Issue 05/2017

In this issue, we unpack several health controversies and crises, from MSG to processed foods to the insect food revolution and diabetes. But it’s not all doom and gloom: The region’s varied cuisine is an intangible part of its heritage. We pay homage to the enduring art of the longevity noodle – handmade and visually evocative. Asia’s food culture is perhaps best summed up through the humble hawker, peddling the sheer diversity of this region’s culinary innovation through their roadside food carts. But even the ubiquitous street food vendor faces an uncertain future, as regulators of hygiene standards and urban planning brandish eviction – or “relocation” – notices. It’s time to eat smarter: to be more conscious of what we buy, how we waste, and what we ignore on that little label on the side of a can. Perhaps never before has this phrase been more weighty: “You are what you eat”. Bon appétit!

Asian Geographic (Special Edition 2017)

In this special Expeditions issue of Asian Geographic, we take a look at some of the most awe-inspiring expeditions and exploration missions across the continent. Journey to a remote part of northern Siberia, where the greatest concentration of mammoth tusks is concentrated. In this tough, icy terrain, palaeontologists and ivory hunters are vying for these valuable remains. Explore the past 101 years of the Trans-Siberian Railway, which covers vast swaths of terrain across the continent. In connection with Asian Geographic’s forthcoming expeditions in 2017, discover the history of the Silk Road, and the routes of the earliest explorers. Find out more about the Asian space race, and the technological advances being made to harness resources outside our atmosphere. We profile several activists who are using their respective expeditions to improve environmental awareness, and feature the stunning photographs of Michael Yamashita, who has documented the legacies of explorers such as Marco Polo and Zheng He.

Asian Geographic Issue 04/2017

In this issue of ASIAN Geographic, we look at the politics of Asia – the controversies, the complex histories, and the ideologies of countries, past and present. Politically, contemporary Asia is something of a crucible. We have mapped out the political systems of Asian countries, examining the political balance of countries in a series of infographics. We look at the destabilisation of the current unilateral world order, particularly with the rise of China, as well as the troubled transition to democracy in Myanmar. We also visit Cambodia, where a special task force of rats is sniffing out landmines. Our cover story features a series of interviews with dissenting artists who are challenging the political status quo, fuelling intellectual debate in political cultures that look to subdue them – often at great personal cost.

Asian Geographic Issue 02/2017 No. 124

In this issue, Asian Geographic considers the concept of “culture” and its multiple manifestations, adaptations and interpretations. From the expansion of the Chinese film empire, to the burgeoning art black market in the wake of ISIS, the rise of the punk scene in Asia, and the practice of polygamy in Malaysia, merging business and religion, we examine the belief systems and cultural practices that are shaping the continent today.

Asian Geographic Issue 01/2017 No. 123

The next issue of ASIAN Geographic focuses on climate change. Our photographic showcase documents coastal communities in the Sundarbans, whose livelihoods are threatened by rising sea levels and increasing salinity. We trail a faction of Cambodian environmental vigilantes who are combatting illegal deforestation, examine the connection between climate change, food security and women farmers in Asia, walk with Borneo’s wildlife warriors in saving the orangutans, and follow a group of children salvaging pollution in Manila to make a living.

Asian Geographic Issue 06/2016 No. 122

In this issue, we examine the origins of everything in the way of the human condition – from evolution, to artistic expression, to the birth of monotheistic faith, and the violent beginnings of modern warfare. We also take a look at how scientific developments are challenging everything we thought we knew about the origins of life and civilisation. We place current debates within historical context, such as the development of the war of drugs, and the mythical roots of Pokemon and popular gaming culture.

Asian Geographic Issue 05/2016 No. 120

In this 17th anniversary edition, ASIAN Geographic examines the diversity of languages and dialects across Asia. From the development of Japanese characters at the hands of scholarly samurai, to the myriad languages and dialects of minority tribes in Myanmar, explore the nuances of the languages we use today, the tragedy of those that stand on the brink of extinction, and the hope for rejuvenating those that are all but lost. We also investigate the escalating war between formal and informal gold mining contingents in Mongolia, and explore the unique language of love of among the Mosuo people of China.

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