Discover the Philippines – Bohol + Coron

The upcoming Hot Soup School Challenge will see a group win a four-day trip to the Philippines!
Here’s just an outline of what the winners can anticipate with this packed itinerary:


Loboc River

The students who win will get the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful hotspots in Bohol. The trip begins with a cruise trip along the clear and calm waters of the Loboc river. The cruise will offer plenty of time to soak up the waters and the surrounding scenery. The Hinagdanan Cave will then provide stunning views and photographic details such as the stalagmites that dot the limestone interiors. Light dances across the caves and students might even spot some birds hiding within the cracks and crevices.

Hinagdanan Cave

The picturesque nature doesn’t stop there! A countryside tour welcomes more grand sites ranging from a trip through the Tarsier Conservation Area spanning over 25 hectares of protected wildlife, Baclayon Church, the Manmade forest. The final stop off for the day grants students the incredible privilege to see the famous Chocolate hills. This site is renowned for putting the Philippines on the map, named a wonder of the world and defined as the Philippines’ 3rd National Geological Monument. To this day, these rolling hills leave geologists and tourists alike in awe.

Chocolate Hills

The following day hosts an exciting adventure of island hopping. This isn’t any old island hop; a boat trip will take the students and their teachers to the perfect spots for dolphin watching and here is the chance to snorkel as up close and personal as possible. The snorkelling will take place across the striking Balicasag, Virgin and Cabilao islands. Of course, this is not without a spot for lunch, and where better to have a picnic, than on the boat surrounded by the water. The sunset isn’t one to miss. This spectacular, colourful and magical light show will be watched from Alona Beach, concluding the busy day ideal for a water lover.

Lamanok Island

A local community of Babylans will then take students on a mystical tour on Lamanok Island which will conclude the trip of hopefully balanced activities of action-packed adventure with moments of tranquillity. 


Aerial view of Coron

The winning group of students and their accompanying teachers will have the chance to dive in some of the world’s most unique destinations. Barracuda Lake’s majestic rocky formations and clear water are the perfect way to start the trip. The natural limestone and the unique mix of temperatures in this lake take diving to another level. After that, head over for another dive at the stunning Twin Lagoon – a paradise of unspoiled beauty. Encounter an abundance of colourful marine life and the rocky towers of Calis Mountain enveloping the pool. Craving for more underwater adventures? A trip to Siete Pecados will relieve your urges. A popular snorkelling destination, get up close with the corals in the shallow waters near the shore. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, snorkelling here is ideal for all!

Kayangan Lake

After a hearty lunch, take a break by the shore at Coron Youth Club Beach. Soak up the tropical sun and enjoy a wondrous list of beach activities. As the sun begins to set, an enthralling trip to Mount Tapyas is the perfect way to end off your first day in Coron. The panoramic views of rolling hills is a popular point for a birds-eye view of Coron Town and front row seats to the magnificent sunset. Pack a good pair of walking shoes!

A Beach Day Out

A short boat ride from Coron Town is the breathtaking Kayangan Lake, an emerald-hued body of water with towering limestone mountains. Take a dip into the refreshing waters of the lake and soak in the undeniable natural beauty. Head east to continue your underwater wanders at Lusong Coral Garden. The crystal-clear water and great visibility give you the freedom to explore the colourful corals under the surface. Encounter reef fishes and peculiar marine life at shallow depths, but head further into the water to explore the WWII shipwreck.

Another sandy destination to explore – Atwayan Beach. Spread a picnic mat under the shade of coconut trees or enjoy a great local meal at the beachside shacks. Cool off after a sunny day at Conception Falls, a stunning oasis with thrilling swing ropes. This waterhole is surrounded by a tropical jungle and frequented by the local children from the surrounding villages. End off the fantastic second day with a trip to Banol Beach. The clear waters are home to vibrant fishes and other marine life. It is also home to a Japanese shipwreck found on the extreme right end of the beach.


Malcapuya Island

Escape Coron’s hustle and bustle and travel to Bulog Dos Island. Turquoise waters, soft sand, and the untouched beauty of Mother Nature will have you coming back for more. Spend the morning island hopping and visit the neighbouring Malcapuya Island. The one-of-a-kind beauty of this little paradise is almost like a dreamlike scene. Its secluded location is perfect to relax and swing on the hammocks that hang by the beach. 

The winning team will continue their island-hopping day with Chindonan Island. While the island is covered with lush tropical forests and springs with drinkable freshwater, its underwater scenery is equally appealing. The island is surrounded by over 15 kilometres of coral reefs and dotted with World War II shipwrecks. Not to mention a trip to Coron’s must-see wreck dive – the Skeleton Wreck. A 25-metre long Japanese supply ship sunk to the seabed after being hit by an airstrike by US forces. The rich history attracts both scuba divers and snorkelers, as the wreck’s depth ranges from 5 to 22 metres. 

Pick up a few souvenirs from our trip at Bayside Plaza, located in Coron Town Proper. Students can window shop or purchase locally-made goods to remember their fond trip to the sunny province of Coron. 

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel around the Philippines. Read more here for Hotsoup Challenge and Images of Asia to stand a chance to win the grand prize.

*The itinerary is subjected to change


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