Photographer Spotlight: Mohd Samsi


Landscape Category September 2020 Winner, taken in Royal Belum, Malaysia, captioned “Dramatic Cloudy in the Morning at Royal Belum Forest, Malaysia“.

As ASIAN Geographic’s annual Images of Asia (IOA) 2020 Photo/Videography Competition looms closer, submissions to our IOA Monthly competition – the precursor to our annual event – are pouring in. We have received stunning photos across the categories, and are now featuring our monthly winners in an exclusive interview!

Below is our interview with one of this month’s spotlight, Mohd Samsi, the IOA Monthly September 2020 winner in the Landscape category.

AG: What is the story of your beginning and journey to creating great images?

Samsi: Usually, before I explore or find great photography moments, I will study and do a little research related to the place I am shooting in. I really like to explore areas that are unique and difficult to visit, for example, the Orang Asli area, the Wilderness and so on. I like to share pictures that are outside the box and are rarely seen by the human eye. I will always try to find great and perfect photography moments that can be shared with all.

AG: How would you define your style and concepts you enjoy exploring?

Samsi: I really like photographing nature, especially human life in natural habitats that still practice old traditions and are not polluted by current developments. Humans who are able to survive within their natural habitats, and do not cause any damage to the environment.

AG: What is great photography to you, and are there any photographers you would like to work with?

Samsi: Great photography is about being able to display the “soul” in every photoshoot. This is so that the picture can become a memory for everyone to see. I also love bird photography and the photographer whom I want to collaborate on is Bence Máté, a Bird Photographer from Finland.

AG: What is your preferred imaging gear to work with and why?

Samsi: The storytelling tools that I always bring to capture moments in life are my mirrorless cameras, flash, a tripod and my MacBook to do a bit of editing work.

AG: What is the next Asian destination you’d like to explore and why?

Samsi: I still like Malaysia as it has many ethnicities and tribes, especially in the forests of the Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. These indigenous communities have a diversity of cultures which I can record through the lens of my camera and share with everyone.

Great photography is about being able to display the “soul” in every photoshoot.

AG: Can you share more about your current and upcoming projects?

Samsi: I am always ready to share photographs related to the beauty of life and the beauty of nature for others to both enjoy and use it as reference materials in the future.


Congratulations once again to Shamsi for being the Images of Asia (IOA) Monthly Winner in the Landscape Category! You can check out Samsi’s Instagram here!

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