The Symbol of Freedom

India Independence Day Kite

August 15 marks a significant day for India. Celebrating its 74th anniversary of independence from the British colonial rule, the day serves as a reminder to the sacrifices made by freedom fighters for the future of India. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi raises the tri-colour flag at the Red Fort on Independence Day

Commemorated through festivities and cultural events, on every Independence Day, the day starts with the Prime Minister visiting the Red Fort monument in Delhi, to raise the flag above the Lahori Gate, and deliver a televised address to the country. The natives are dressed in tri-coloured clothes of their nation’s flag, and in many parts of North India, the skies across the country are dotted with kites flown to mark the joy of freedom from the British rule.

Kite flying in India

Kite flying has become one of the symbols for freedom dating back to 1927. “Simon, Go Back” was written on these kites as a form of protest against the Simon Commission and the British rule in India before it was set to trail freely up in the sky. 

Writings have continued to be observed on the kites that soar high in the sky of India today, with many of them bearing slogans such as “I love India” or social awareness messages like “beti bachao, beti padhao” which translates to “save and educate girls”. Hence the question arises, amid the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, would India be running kites with precautions against the deadly virus printed on them?

Asian Geographic wishes all our Indian subscribers and followers a Happy Independence Day 2020!

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