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Explore the Spiritual Side of Asia with Asian Geographic magazine 2022!

In 2021, the world was slowly recovering from the throes of the pandemic and life is gradually returning back to normal. In that time, many have relied on spirituality and religion to make it through the tougher times. Theism and the fascination with the divine have always been present through time and the history and progression of humanity are often marked by our religious beliefs. This is particularly true in Asia, where the vast and diverse cultures across the continent are steeped in religious influence and history. As such, in 2022, the ASIAN Geographic editorial calendar will delve into the different religions prevalent in Asia and how they give rise to various practices and celebrations. Our annual Passport edition will round things off and commemorate 23 years of publication by exploring the 23 places you can go and highlighting the amazing things you can do there!

Issue 4: 2021

In the fourth issue, we will journey through Asia to learn about different cultures in the region. Through this issue, we take a walk back in time and learn about the many cultures that have excited throughout Asia, and how they have changed from the beginning of civilisations till now, and how ultimately, how they have shaped the way people live their lives and why they have become the essence of who we are today. 

Issue 5: 2021
PASSPORT: The Unseen Side of Asia + Images of Asia (Monthly Winner & Finalists)

In the final issue, AG will release its annual Passport magazine, which will take a deep dive into parts of Asia that are off the beaten path. Found in the furthest corners of the world, these places have managed to stay most of the public eye and have remained a  point of intrigue for many. Traversing the unexplored, we will guide you from the highest points in Asia to the coldest and lowest. Beyond the wonderful places, we will bring you, this edition of Passport will include the monthly Winners and Finalists of Images of Asia, which capture the essence of Asia through the lens of photographers throughout the continent. This issue will undoubtedly travel to a side of Asia you have never seen before. 

Issue 6: 2021/2022
Climate Change [
Dec – Jan]

To wrap up 2021 and welcome 2021, we tackle the ever prevailing topic of climate change, which has a plagued our world for seemingly endless amounts of time and has only gotten more pressing as the years wear on. Tracing back to its origins, we will explore the different ways in which the actions of humanity have resulted in the onset of climate change. Awareness of climate change is on the rise but every day, forests are still shrinking, wildlife is still dying off and pollutants of all sorts are still harming the environment. Taking a look at our past, present and future, the science, history and solutions to climate change will be explored. Along the way, we will also look at those that are doing their utmost to persevere our world and make it more sustainable. 

Issue 2: 2022
[Feb – Mar]

In the second issue, we delve into Buddhism. Once a widely practised religion, Buddhism has since been overtaken by other religions with regards to following. Nonetheless, this age-old religion has remained incredibly influential in Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Originating from India, Buddhism has its roots as a religion of great power and influence in Asia, shaping the beliefs, cultures and lifestyles of millions across the Asianic continent. Through examining its beliefs, traditions, cultures and icons, this issue will provide insight into Buddhism. 

Issue 3: 2022
Christianity & Catholicism
[Apr – May]

In the third issue, AG takes a deep dive into the most well-known and widely practised religion in the Western hemispheres — Christianity and by extension, Catholicism. Originating in the Middle East, Christianity quickly attracted a large following, dominating much of Europe and eventually, the rest of the western countries. In Asia, Christianity is the dominant religion in six countries, including the likes of the Philippines and East Timor. This issue will uncover all things related to this religion, tracing back from its origins all the way it has influenced culture, food and the lifestyle of its followers. Furthermore, there will be an exploration of the origin and role of their icons and the power they hold in the modern world. 

Issue 4: 2022
[June – July]

The fourth issue will bring us to one of the second most widely practised religions and also the root of deep controversy — Islamism. Since the attacks on the twin towers, the religion of Islam has become synonymous with terror acts in some places. but there is more to it than the actions of extremists. Journey through the origins of Islamism and gain a deeper understanding of the beliefs that inspire such deep devotion and faith in its followers. Released in June/ July, this issue celebrates the prominent Festival of Sacrifice, better known as Hari Raya Haji, and sheds light on the religion so devoutly practised in the Malay Archipelago. 

Issue 5: 2022
Hinduism, Sikhism & Others [Aug – Sep]

In the final issue, we will take a look at Hinduism, Sikhism and other lesser-known religions practised around Asia today. As the oldest religion, Hinduism is a religion rich with historical, cultural, political and social significance. This is contrasted with the exploration of younger religions such as Sikhism and even, atheism, to form an interesting dichotomy between the old and the new. Through examining their traditions, beliefs and influence and food and cultures amongst other things, we will explore the ways in which time has changed this religion and ways in which they remained unmoved. 

Issue 6: 2022
23 Must Visit Places [
Oct – Nov]

In celebration of 23 years of Asian Geographic, we will be wrapping up this year with an exciting edition of the annual Passport magazine, and traversing through 23 of the best places to visit in Asia as well as all the activities these places have to offer. From colourful festivals to mouth-watering food to unforgettable sights, commemorate 23 years with us by celebrating the cultures, traditions and diversity of Asia. After such a long time without travel, welcome 2023 with travel plans inspired by the beauty of Asia. 


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