Winning photos: The Reuters Photojournalism Grant

    Chechnya , Georgia , Chechen Refugees
    Pankisi Gorge, a Chechen refugee settlement. Festival of Victory day, where young men hold toy guns and play war games. By most estimates, approximately 5,000 Chechens escaped the deadly war in Chechnya by fleeing to Georgia's Pankisi Gorge. May 2008. ( Photo © Daro Sulakauri) Tbilisi-based Daro Sulakauri’s work includes a hidden narrative of the Chechen conflict.

    Spotlighting emerging talents, this Reuters programme grooms a new generation of photojournalists

    Text by Tina Jacob

    The Reuters photojournalism grant program aims to recruit and develop a diverse new generation of photojournalists. The winners will receive a grant, global distribution on Reuters platforms and guidance from Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Yannis Behrakhis.

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