José Jeuland: A Photo Study of Longevity in Okinawa

Jose Jeuland's Photo exhibition at Fullerton Hotel

José Jeuland’s  latest photography exhibition, “Longevity Okinawa” was officially opened amid huge fanfare at Fullerton Hotel in Singapore on April 19. A series of portrait shots of Okinawa residents aged 89 to 106 years years old in early 2017 on Okinawa, José had been intrigued by the health and longevity of Okinawa’s residents every since he read an article on them 12 years ago.

A series of portraits which showcase the tales of time in monochrome, this documentary project deviates from José’s usual style of shooting his subjects in motion as each portraiture is carefully directed by him to tell a different story.

José Jeuland speaking at the opening of his photo exhibition at Fullerton Hotel.

Speaking at the opening, José talked about the insights on life he gained from his trip to Okinawa. In spite of scientific conjecture about how a multigrain, fish and fresh vegetable diet was the main reason for the longevity of Okinawans, José felt that it was the simple lifestyle and the comforting presence of their extended families all living close together that was the reason behind their long and fulfilling lives.

Titled “LONGEVITY OKINAWA”, the exhibition features the locals living in Okinawa aged between 89 to 106 years old and their secrets to longevity. At the exhibition, visitors can enjoy a short documentary film on a BenQ interactive flat panel. The “Longevity Okinawa” exhibition is now open at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – East Garden Gallery from April 19 to May 30 2019 (*Free Admission for Public).

Date: 19 April to 30 May 2019
Venue: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – East Garden Gallery
*Free Admission for Public



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