Melting Earth


    Caring for a Warming Planet

    The increase in extreme weather conditions and the melting of the polar ice caps in the Arctic region may mean that the very homes and livelihoods we have lived by for thousands of years are effectively starting to disappear.

    Climate change is real and has been happening in front of our eyes for a good part of the last century. With the Earth’s temperatures rising at an alarming rate, scientists have predicted that if this continues, we will face a world that is unfit for human life in as short a time span as the next 100 years.

    It is only now however, that we are starting to realise that taking swift action to prevent its adverse effects is not only crucial but also that our very survival is dependent upon it. These photos are a selection of the winners of the Global Arctic Awards 2015 Contest, which highlight the importance of caring for an already warming planet.

    The Global Arctic Awards is a yearly international photography competition that celebrates the beauty and diversity of the Arctic region. Based in Russia, it is chaired by Aleksey Anisimov. In 2015, the contest awarded 102 prizes in 13 categories to winners from 17 countries.

    Check out the whole compilation of stunning photos and stories in Asian Geographic Issue 117, 2016




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