Photo of the Month – Issue 4/2017


    From fixing hundreds of feet of rope on vertical slopes, to trekking for miles with heavy backpacks – often doubling up as mobile kitchens to feed a group of around 20 hungry climbers – being a responsible mountain guide is not an easy task. They play a pivotal role in the adventures of others: making the journey memorable and ensuring that everybody returns home safely.

    Congratulations to Datu Mohd Amyril Bin Abduludin!

    His image taken on Mount Raung in East Java has been selected as our Photo of the Month! The winning Photo of the Month is published on our Postcard page in ASIAN Geographic magazine and is also featured on our social media pages. The Photo of the Month winner will receive an annual subscription to the magazine.

    Feature: Asian Geographic No. 126 Issue 4/2017




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