Reflections: Voyages of Discovery


From Marco Polo, Vasco Da Gama to Zheng He, explorers have traversed the globe in search of discovery and adventure. Asian Geographic traces their journeys across the oceans in this explorers’ map.





1254 – 1324

The Venetian merchant travelled on the Silk Road – further than any of his predecessors. His journey to China lasted 24 years. He became a confidant of Kublai Khan





1460 – 1469

The Portuguese explorer ventured out of Lisbon to find a maritime route to the East. After successfully doing so, he subsequently made two other voyages to India





1480 – 1521

Magellan was the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean. In 1519, he set out from Spain with five ships to discover a western sea route to the Spice Islands





602 – 664

The Buddhist monk and pilgrim made a 17-year overland journey from China to India, where he translated Buddhist scriptures from Sanskrit into Chinese





1304 – 1368/9

He travelled more than anyone else in the Middle Ages. Over the course of three decades, he covered over 120,000 kilometres on foot, on horseback, and by boat






The Chinese admiral made seven journeys across the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific with the Treasure fleets, solidifying Chinese dominance over Asia in the 15th century

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