Observing The New Uzbekistan

Central Asia's most populous nation Uzbekistan was voted for their leader. Around 20 million Uzbeks are eligible for an election on 9 July at...

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Mind-Reading Computers Get Better at Their Job

Telepathic machines can now show better pictures of our thoughts.
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In the Market for Medicine

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Rebels with a Cause

Punk hardly needs an introduction. Music, fashion and lifestyle converge in this unique subculture, known for its wild Mohawk hairstyles, spikes and piercings, black leather and “emo” disposition. In Asia, a continent whose many different cultures tend to share a deep-seated appreciation for cultural traditionalism, you would be forgiven for thinking that punk barely registers in the social strata in the more conservative parts of the region.

In the Footsteps of the Buddha

Sports Heroes – Part 2


Climate Change Effects on the Arctic and Antarctic Wildlife Art Contest – Call for...

Sow awareness through creativity and the arts – Calling for Wildlife Artists to Unite towards Climate Change! In support to climate change and the ominous future facing the wildlife, Van Wangye, a self-taught wildlife illustrator with experience working wildlife conservation organisation with the Sea Shepherd Singapore, WWF Thailand, Mekong Turtle...

Ambassadors from Ancient Asia

An ambassador travels to distant parts of the world and brings stories with them from their homeland. Today, Asia – Earth’s supercontinent – is home to many important animal groups that have deep genetic roots tied to the region’s ancient landscapes.Finding the geographical localities of these species in compiling...

5 things you must know to kick off World Ozone Day this year

Today is World Ozone Day! In 1994, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 16 September the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, commemorating the date of the signing, in 1987, of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer (resolution 49/114). Text by Goh Pearl Lyn The...

Philippine Eagle Coming to Singapore Wildlife Reserve for Breeding

by Leilani Chavez on 11 June 2019 The Philippines has loaned off two Philippine eagles (Pithecophaga jefferyi) to Singapore for a 10-year breeding agreement, part of wider efforts to protect the species against disease outbreaks and natural calamities. Prior to the agreement, the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) managed the only sanctuary...

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Observing The New Uzbekistan

Central Asia's most populous nation Uzbekistan was voted for their leader. Around 20 million Uzbeks are eligible for an election on 9 July at...

Palm Progress

Can palm oil plantations and endangered rainforests really coexist? One conservationist says yes. Text and images credit: Nathan Sen The island of Borneo, divided among Malaysia,...

Above the Water: Sea Science

Text by Benjamin P.Horton 340 MILLION people are at risk of flooding from sea-level rise by 2050. We know that rising sea levels affect every coastal...

The Gold Trap: How COVID-19 is pushing Filipino children into hazardous work

By Marielle Lucenio The Philippines had been making slow progress in its long fight against child labour, but the pandemic reversed the gains that had...

A culture of silence blunts the impact of a new Vietnamese law against sexual...

By Trang Vu Vietnam’s new labor law requires employers to put in place mechanisms to prevent and penalize sexual harassment in the workplace. But Vietnamese...

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The Road to Independence: Burma (1945 – 1962)

From the 1962 Democracy Protests, through the 1974 U Thant Crisis, the 1988 Uprising, and the 2007 Saffron Revolution, to the 2021 Spring Revolution, Myanmar has fought against the whims of its military leaders and suffered at the hands of the army. To make sense of the tumultuous events of the past six decades, we must understand the complex politics and power struggles that have dominated this country once known as Burma.

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