Changing the Face of Plastic Waste


Although the world’s plastic consumption problem seems herculean to tackle (try coming to terms with the mind-boggling amount of plastic we use and dump), these visionary companies believe that their sustainability solutions work and are set to change the face of plastic waste.


Miniwiz was founded in 2005 by architect and structural engineers Arthur Huang and Jarvis Liu to address the great disparity between sustainability and environmental consciousness and the lack of financially feasible applications. Modelled around the closed-loop system, the innovative recycling company turns post-consumer waste into high performance materials that can be used in various products such as furniture, iPhone covers and interior and exterior building structures. It was recognised by the World Economic Forum as a technology pioneer in the Energy/ Environment/ Infrastructure category for the positive impact it has made on the world’s environmental and economic development. Miniwiz is dedicated to promote the mass adoption of a zero-waste circular system and has developed more than 1000 recycled materials which have been used in their various projects around the world.

EcoArk Pavilion (Taipei, Taiwan)

The nine-story high EcoARK Pavilion in Taipei is the world’s first fully functional structure made from POLLI-Bricks a building material innovated by Miniwiz from recycling 1.5 million plastic bottles.

House of Trash (Milan, Italy)

With the majority of the trash being sourced locally, the luxurious House of Trash in Milan has what used to be food packaging, mobile phones and fashion waste repurposed into furniture and decorative items all around the office and gallery space.

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