ASIAN Geographic magazine is going through a rehaul!


In 2019, ASIAN Geographic is celebrating 20 years of bringing Asia to the world, and we have an exciting lineup ahead in 2020. Our editorial calendar will be based on a philosophical approach to Wu Xing, or the five elements in Chinese philosophy – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal – with our last issue of the year projected to focus on bringing these elements together, all through travelling across the stunning islands of Asia.

Our first five 2020 issues will be colour-coded in blue, green, red, brown, and silver, respectively, to address our concurrent themes, and each issue will include a PASSPORT section that will focus on a specific region in Asia. The sixth and final issue of the year will be an ASIAN Geographic PASSPORT special edition that will combine all these elements and their associated colours, making the entire year’s publication come together in a stunning, rich hue – making up the perfect collection!

Come and join us through the Elements of Life, and the Colours of Asia!


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