Outstanding Brand of Asia Feature – How Tiger Balm Sprints Into The Hearts of Modern Consumers


One of Asia’s outstanding brands featured in the new Asian Geographic collector’s edition No. 138 Issue 5/2019, is the Tiger Balm, a brand of over 100 years with a legacy that expands from the southernmost island of New Zealand to some of the northernmost cities of Norway. Mr A K Han, Executive Director of Haw Par Corporation, shares how Tiger Balm, sprinted away from being an outdated into the hearts of modern consumers in the Western and Asian Markets with their constant innovations.

Transcript: On the first of January 1992, Haw Par decided to take back the brand from the licensee after 20 years. Immediately after taking back the brand, we could see that it was quite an issue, because the brand has been seen as for the old people. And the young people no longer find that it is suitable for their lifestyle. They actually shunned it and not use it, so we lost actually one generation of users. Then we said ok if we are going to rebuild the brand then we need to bring it to the younger people as well as to bring it overseas. Bringing it overseas is quite a challenge. Let’s start looking at the local consumers. Now the young people have their own individual lifestyles and individual needs. So, we got to know what they want and how we can adapt the brand to it. First thing to do is to make the brand a bit more modern, and the old image will not do, so that they will feel affiliated to this new brand, a new look. Transcripting…


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