Images Of Asia Competition Winners 2022

Landscape Winner: Photograph by Yoshi Shimizu

Celebrating over 20 years of bringing Asia to the world, the Images of Asia (IOA) Competition by Asian Geographic has been enjoyed by readers, photographers and enthusiasts for the past 16 years with a focus on sharing the vitality and diversity of Asia through photography.

Exclusively for the 2022 edition, featuring the Department of Tourism of the Philippines and the Tourism Promotion Board Philippines as the Official Adventure Destination Partner, the winners have been invited and hosted to “wake up” and experience the Philippines – as they say, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”!

Thank you to everyone who participated this year and CONGRATULATIONS to our winners! We look forward to the next competition in 2023…

Entry & Category Winner


Entitled ‘The Innocent Face’


Entitled ‘Landscape Meditation’

Yoshi Shimizu: ‘When I was coming down to the Dramitse monastery from a long hike in Bhutan, I saw this beautiful sunset. Submitting yourself to such beautiful natural phenomenon enables you to reach an instant meditative state.’


Entitled ‘Looking Out the Emergency Window’


Entitled ‘Wooden Goggles’


Entitled ‘My Store’


An adult Chestnut-naped forktail giving a cricket to its juvenile’


Many thanks to our judges:

This year, the judges of IOA are each accoladed with their respect honours for their photography and provided an excellent panel vote for the stunning array of entries this year. It was a tough competition this year with entries from 2019- 2022. Narrowing down the shortlist itself was a feat! 

José Jeuland was our first judge, who started his photography journey in documentary photography. His work has been featured in international publications, and his project “Haenyo”, on the women divers of Jeju Island, was showcased in rock band U2’s 2019 concert in Seoul. He is also the founder of his own photography and videography studio, COCO Creative Studio, where, alongside his team, he tackles a variety of commercial projects for clients in multiple industries. 

Eric Goh is a specialist in underwater photography with his career having begun two decades ago. His underwater photographs have since graced international magazines and newspapers. His work has been commissioned by major tourism campaigns and has been featured prominently on city walkways and national billboards. He also frequently judges in international photography competitions.  

Scott Tuason’s passion for photography has brought him on amazing journeys, from throwing himself into a feeding frenzy to dangling off a line in open water at night. The book Anilao, which he co-authored, won the Palme d’Or at Antibes in 2000, and his latest book, Blackwater and Open Blue, picked up Book of the Year at the 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Competition. 

Yorko Summer is a well-known underwater photographer, travel journalist, photography lecturer, and photo competition judge at international shows. Dr. Klaus Stiefield is also an underwater photographer and videographer, with much knowledge in the field. 

John Thet enjoys judging IOA as, here, he is able to share his own voice and advocate for the power of art forms such as photography and videography in sharing the underwater realm with the world above the surface. John is the founder of Underwater360, Historical Diving Society Asia, Ocean Citizen, and Asian Geographic Society. Now, as publisher and editorial director of Asian Geographic Magazines Pte Ltd, the magazine and affiliated media streams, including ADEX itself and events within it, have collectively won nearly 80 international awards in the publishing and exhibition scene.

These judges provided their own personal opinions enriched with their unique backgrounds in photography and delivered a panel score that collectively went towards deciding who won each category. It was an exciting event with some disagreement and real ranges between scores, making it an interesting watch for the audience members!

The photographs entered were truly remarkable, illustrating the best of Asia, in categories from black and white, food, mobile, street and people, landscape, and nature. The judges were impressed with all of those shortlisted and audience members appeared to enjoy the large screen showcase of these images in all their glory.


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