Processed food

Lost in the Process

The food we eat is increasingly processed. What does this mean for our health?
Diabetes in Asia

The Silent Epidemic

Sixty percent of the world’s diabetic population is Asian. And yet, many people don’t understand the dangers of this disease – and how to prevent it.
cambodian landmines

Unlikely Heroes

The landmines left over from Cambodia's war are being sniffed out and removed by a task force of... trained rats?
myanmar politics

Democratisation, Interrupted

A year and a half after Aung San Suu Kyi’s party won a landslide victory, criticism is everywhere. Abuses against the Rohingya and battles with armed ethnic groups are eclipsing one of the world’s most interesting political turns.
China politics

The Hammer, Sickle and a Love for Money

An apparent contradiction, Chinese communism has thrived as a market economy and situated the most populous country in the world as a rising superpower. But can it last?
Zunar cartoon

Pens Under Pressure

In an era of fake news, vilification of the press and the polarisation of intellectual debate, satirical art has become an important tool to question politics. Despite crackdowns, some artists will not be silenced.

Prisoner of Conscience

Activist, surgeon and writer Dr Ma Thida was was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment in Myanmar. She speaks to Asian Geographic about her life, work, and the current challenges facing Asia’s newest democracy.

Civilisations for Sale

Not many people in the Middle East have the freedom to enjoy art and marvel at their cultural history. This fear has been cultivated by certain doctrines which state that the admiration of artistic work is heretical. There is a link in some Middle Eastern cultures between statues and the worship of idols; the appreciation of statues is therefore often construed as blasphemous in some religious sects. The rampant looting of centuries-old artefacts and the ongoing destruction of thousands of years of antiquities have brought about a sense of deep loss and bewilderment for many people, in the Middle East, and abroad.