All In! Young Writers Festival 2018

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Speakers at the All In! Festival (Photo © Singapore Book Council and Ben Chia)

800 Young Writers Groomed at All In! Festival 2018


The writing and publishing industry in Singapore received a boost this March with the 10th All In! Young Writers Festival, an annual event that seeks to groom aspiring writers aged 13 to 25 aiming for careers in publishing, broadcasting, creative writing, and journalism.

Almost 800 youth from various schools were taught and mentored by a wide array of writing mentors and industry players – including filmmaker Saleem Hadi, novelist Samantha De Silva, and playwright T. Neshma – through seminars, training sessions and workshops to better understand the writing industry in Asia.

Besides facilitating contact between young writers and industry professionals, the festival also provides a platform for young writers to showcase their work locally and regionally through a series of writing competition, with categories including fiction, short stories, essays, and film.

The ASIAN Geographic Hot Soup School Challenge 2019 will be held in conjunction with All In! 2019 to encourage young people to read geographic publications and improve their general knowledge on the region.


As a media partner of the All In! Young Writer’s Festival 2018, ASIAN Geographic will be publishing the winning entry of the festival’s short fiction competition in a subsequent issue. Stay tuned!


For more stories and photographs from this issue, see Asian Geographic Issue 130, 2018


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