3 ways a picture goes a long way on your Asian travels

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For both photographers and travellers, this printer is a handy new friend… because no one in Asia can resist the charm of a little photo

Text Rachel Genevieve Chia


Asian Geographic attended the launch of Fujifilm’s new printer, the Instax SHARE SP-3 on Friday (November 10), and thought of three ways it can assist travellers and photographers in the region:


1. Relax interview subjects immediately

Images of Asia judge and Fujifilm X photographer José Jeuland shared with us his secret to softening even the fiercest photography subject: give them a picture of themselves. While shooting, photographers can bridge the language barrier and build rapport with subjects by presenting them with a photo of the session.

A portable printer is handy if photo printing shops aren’t located nearby – and in Asia’s less developed areas, they often aren’t. This one weighs about  300g and is a reasonable size and weight for a backpack or luggage.


2. Give newfound friends a parting gift

You met and chatted with a local on a rickety train in India, or someone invited you into their home in a hilly Bhutanese village. Before leaving, you took a wefie (these group selfies are a roaring trend in most Southeast Asian countries).

To commemorate the friendship, a little printed photo always goes down a storm in Asia! This one prints photos from smartphones without needing internet access. Scribble on a message and they’re a sentimental gift.


3. Exhibit your travel photos

Instax prints are all the rage in Asia – but so is travelling light. On your return, display your favourite Saigon street snaps and Mindoro memories only after processing and choosing.

We attempted this with some photos from the Asian Geographic Expeditions trip to the Phillippines (see above). How’d we do?


For details on the printer, see the Fujifilm website.




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