Climate Change Effects on the Arctic and Antarctic Wildlife Art Contest – Call for Submission


Sow awareness through creativity and the arts – Calling for Wildlife Artists to Unite towards Climate Change!

In support to climate change and the ominous future facing the wildlife, Van Wangye, a self-taught wildlife illustrator with experience working wildlife conservation organisation with the Sea Shepherd Singapore, WWF Thailand, Mekong Turtle Conservation Centre, The Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), to name a few.

Together with Asian Geographic, as the supporting media partner of this event, we are in search for the best wildlife artist to join in this competition that seeks for the best wildlife artwork/s that focuses on the Arctic, Subarctic, Antarctic and Subantarctic region.

Submit your entries now to!


Submission Requirements:

  • Wildlife artworks (current or past) of wildlife within the Arctic, Subarctic, Antarctic and Subantarctic region.

Arctic region: Polar Bear • Narwhal • Walrus • Arctic Fox • Caribou • Beluga Whale

Subarctic region: Polar Bear • Ring Seal • Walrus • Minke, Humpback & Bowhead Whales • Arctic Seabirds

Antarctic region: Adélie Penguins • Chinstraps Penguin • Leopard Seals • Elephant Seals • Snow Petrels • King Penguins • Emperor Penguins • Killer Whales (Orcas) • Wandering Albatross • The Blue Whale

Subantarctic region: Seals • Sea Birds • Albatross • Shearwaters & Petrels • Penguins • Seals & Lions

and more. …

  • No domestic, introduced and invasive species. Migratory species the travelled and stay temporary within the selected region for breeding or feeding are welcome for submission.
  • All artwork has to be in full colour; scientifically realistic or at least visually accurate. No abstract or surrealistic artworks.
  • Each participating artists had to submit at least 2 fauna from Arctic or Subarctic and another 2 from Antarctic or Subantarctic region. As not all works will be used onto the finally layout. More submission of artworks will increase the chance to get featured.
  • All files has to be 300dpi, RGB colour mode and no bigger than A4 (29.7cm x 21.0cm) in Jpeg or tiff. It must not be blurry and already colour edited.
  • Naming of the files should be in this order: Latin species first, then range, then artist’s name.Only have 3 range to choose from: ARCANT and BH.ARC for fauna found in Arctic or Subarctic.

Example: Polar Bears, Walrus and Narwhal. ANT for fauna found in Antarctic or Subantarctic.

Example: Antarctic Krill, Leopard Seal, Emperor Penguin. BH for fauna can be found in both range.

Example: Fin Whale. Note that some subspecies had breakdown into northern (Arctic) and southern (Antarctic)

Example: Northern elephant seal and Southern elephant Seal. Right whales too.

Please be very accurate in naming the species of your artwork. All these will affect the final layout.

Example of naming of file. (Note: type the range category in Caps)
Balaenoptera physalus_BH_Van_Wangye.jpeg

Tip: If there are an overwhelming submission on a species, e.g. like the polar bear, do note that only one artwork will be selected. It is encouraged to submit some lesser known species.

  • Consolidate all the file and transfer it to
    Each artist must only submit through a SINGLE email. Do not send in batches.
    Please state your full passport name, country your representing and a full colour shoulder length high res photo of yourself (300dpi, RGB mode).Example:
    Name:Van Wangye Shiming
    Country: Singapore
  • Rationale of the artwork is not required upon submission.
  • Deadline of submission 21 Nov 2021 [Singapore time], 2359hrs

For more enquiries on the competition, please send them to Van Wangye or email him at



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