4 Asian Countries On the Road to Green Cars


Paving the way to fossil fuel-free roads in Asia


Electric Bus, Shenzhen, Electric Vehicle, Hybrid Vehicle, China Eco Car
An electric bus in Shenzhen serving as public transportation (Photo © Wikicommons)


China Charges Into the Electric Future

China’s electric car market surpassed America’s as far back as 2015. By 2016, Guangzhou had introduced 300 electric buses to the city’s fleet, and in 2017, Shenzhen became the first city in the world to have an all-electric bus fleet.

Beijing has announced its plans to replace all existing taxis with electric models, and Jinan will soon switch on the world’s first solar-powered highway, which could one day charge electric vehicles as they are driving along it.

The Chinese government has also ruled that 10 percent of an automaker’s fleet must be electric or hybrid by 2019. To comply with the new regulation, foreign brands are engaging in joint ventures with Chinese manufacturers to maintain access to the country’s market. Among the wave of new partnerships are Dongfeng and Renault-Nissan, JAC and Volkswagen, Zotye and Ford, and BAIC and Daimler.


Dubai Eco, Eco Car, Electric Car, Hybrid Car
The Dubai International Motor Show has increasingly exhibited hybrid vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf Electric Car as demand for eco cars increases (Photo © Shutterstock)


Arab drivers go carbon-free

Last year, the UAE and Dubai government announced incentives to encourage drivers to use electric cars, including free public charging, toll fee waivers, registration exemptions and free assigned parking. This year, Dubai plans to finish building 200 electric vehicle charging stations across the country, and passed legislation that 10 percent of governmental institutions’ car fleets must be electric or hybrid.


Electric Bus, India Eco, Hybrid vehicle, electric vehicle, eco vehicle
The first electric bus in India was launched in Bangalore (Photo © Wikicommons)


India jettisons petrol and diesel

The Indian government announced in 2017 that it would ban gas and diesel cars. By 2030, the entire country is expected to drive electric vehicles. Legislation is in the works to plan electric car charging stations in preparation for this migration, which experts say will reduce the country’s pollution issues and reduce the cost of fuel imports.


BlueSG, LTA, Green Cars, Electric Cars, eco cars, hybrid cars, Singapore
BlueSG’s fleet of electric cars in Singapore (Photo © Land Transport Authority)


Singapore tries electric car-sharing

As part of the country’s plans to encourage the use of public transport, Asia’s first electric car-sharing service, BlueSG, was launched in Singapore last year with a fleet of 80 cars and 32 charging stations. According to reports, 2,000 users signed up within a week.


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