10 Best Places to Stargaze in Asia

The Milkyway View and Stargazer at Sheagoru Basecamp during Night Camping, Hampta Pass Trek, Himalaya Range, Manali India

With its numerous ancient astronomical societies, Asia suffers no lack of good stargazing spots. Here are some for the 21st century astronomer in you!

Arabian Desert: The lonely dunes offer wide expanses and deep black skies. There’s also Israel’s Ramon Crater, the second park in Asia to get Dark-Sky status

Tibet: China is preparing a Dark-Sky application for its high-altitude reserve located in the Ngari Prefecture

Himalayas: Across Nepal and Tibet, the high altitude and lack of ambient light on the mountain range guarantees stunning nights. Another good spot is Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal- home of Mount Everest

Starry night sky and the Milkyway seen above Nepal’s peaks

Mongolia: The Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is a good bet among the sweeping plains of the Steppe

India: The remote Nubra valley in Len Ladakh comes recommended by many astronomers and astrophotographers, as does Coorg in the Western Ghats

North Korea: As the country turns off most of its lights at night, it has the least light-polluted skies in the world

South Korea: Yeongyang Firefly Eco Park, in the extreme east, was the first place in Asia to get Dark-Sky status

Japan: Yaeyama (Japan’s most southwestern archipelago) and Aogashima (in the Philippine Sea south of Tokyo) are well known locally as island paradises with exceptionally dark nights

Philippines: Travel guides recommend Palawan Island, Batanes (the country’s northernmost province), and Mt Pulag, Luzon’s highest peak

Indonesia: Mount Bromo in East Java is a popular astrophotography spot. Another favourite among stargazers is Mt Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia

Long exposure image showing star trails over Mt.Bromo Volcano, East Java, Indonesia

Astro-tourism has become an increasingly popular industry. Stargazing is certainly something you’ll want to consider on your future travels to appreciate your surroundings beyond the day and into the night. You can’t miss the magical skies on offer…

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