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Explore the Spiritual Side of Asia with Asian Geographic magazine 2022!

In 2021, the world was slowly recovering from the throes of the pandemic and life is steadily returning back to normal. In that time, many have spent time at home with their families and loved ones. The conversations with the elders and the younger generation help to develop a greater understanding of how cultural roots have adapted to the times. People begin to understand their identities and take pride in their ancestral roots. As such, in 2022, the Asian Geographic editorial calendar will delve into the different religions prevalent in Asia and the many cultural trademarks such as herbs and textiles. It will also explore the biggest event of 2022 – the FIFA World Cup! Our annual Passport edition will round things off and commemorate 23 years of publication by exploring the 23 biodiversity hotspots you can go to.

Issue 1/2022 | Feb/Mar
Healing Asia: The Herbs of Asia

In the third issue, AG takes a deep dive into the defining element of Asia – her herbs. This issue will cover the healing values of herbal plants and other species across the Asian continent, including the Middle East. Explore the culturally-unique ways that these herbs were utilized in indigenous communities in the early years of civilization and how they have evolved and adapted themselves into modern-day cuisines and healing blends. The issue will also highlight how the western forces searched the Asian land for herbs and spices to bring back to their countries; many of these herbs were native to a certain region and grown under certain tropical conditions. Lastly, the issue will also dig into the emerging world of medicinal marijuana that is largely unexplored.

Issue 2/2022 | Apr/ May 

In the first issue, we delve into the major world religions. Covering Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism, the issue follows the rise and falls of these religions as well as the practices and traditions that have stood the test of time. The influence religion has had on food, festivals and the overall lifestyle of a region is unmatched. Journey through the origins of these religions and gain a deeper understanding of the beliefs that inspire such deep devotion and faith in their followers. Furthermore, there will be an exploration of the divide that exists between and within religious communities and how it has steered away from the initial path.

Issue 3/2022 | June/July 
World Cup 2022

In this issue, we will take a look at the most anticipated event of 2022 – The FIFA World Cup. This international frenzy has taken the world by storm and Asia is no exception. This issue will cover the roots and history of football as well as how the Asian community have stood out among the best footballers in the world. Asians have also invested considerably in footballers and football clubs.

Issue 4/2022 | Aug/Sep 
Textiles of Asia

The fourth issue will bring us the various textiles of Asia. From the growing of silk and cotton to the weaving of fabric together, the issue will cover the styles and methods that the diverse Asian community have followed for aeons and how modern-day technology has boosted or sometimes hindered, the livelihood of these textile communities. While moving with the times is crucial, the issue will highlight the spurt of eco-fashion businesses that focus on green and sustainable methods to manufacture garments. While the issue mentions the production process, it is only right to the commendable designers and textile masters who have changed the game.

Issue 5/2022 | Oct/Nov 
Asiangeo Passport – 23 Asian Biodiversity Hotspots

In celebration of 23 years of Asian Geographic, we are bringing you an exciting edition of the annual Passport magazine, and traversing through 23 of the best places to visit in Asia to experience nature’s finest. From walking through thick vegetation on rocky terrains to catching the exotic bird species native to Asia, we commemorate 23 years with us by celebrating the biodiversity of Asian flora and fauna. After such a long time without travel, welcome 2023 with travel plans inspired by the natural beauty of Asia.

Issue 6/2022 | Dec/Jan 
China and India

Last but not the least, we are wrapping the year up by celebrating the two largest countries in Asia with a spectacular edition featuring China and India. These two Asian giants are essentially the backbone of the world economy, with bilateral ties all over the world and a combined population of over 1.7 billion people. Explore the distinctive cultures of the two countries and understand how each country functions in tune with their innate traditions and beliefs. It is also interesting to understand the cultural and linguistic diversity within these two Asian countries and how they have both had their share of imperial powers, once ruled over by the powerful monarchy.

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