ASIAN Geographic celebrates Diwali!

Whether you refer to it as Diwali, Deepavali, Dipavali, Dewali, Deepawali, or the Festival of Lights, this day is the brightest of them all....

Lands Before Time: Origin myths in Asia

Text & Photos by Sophie Ibbotson and Max Lovell-Hoare Before there was writing, there were stories, and those stories passed by word of mouth. Travellers...

Sea Change in the Strait

By Sarah Chew It is August 1965. Less than two years after a merger, Singapore’s reluctant departure from the Federation of Malaysia throws her into...
Blood letting , Ancient remedies, Medieval Europe

Ancient Remedies: East vs West

Leeches, lobotomies and magic mercury potions: the earliest medicines from both ends of the globe

Sunshine and the Stick Men: Crafted from Heat

Text & Photos by Flash Parker In college, I had one of those grills endorsed by out-of-work and overweight celebrity boxers. I imagine eating Sri...

Can Singapore’s home cleaning scheme reduce maid abuse?

By Rachel Genevieve Chia Photos Zachary Tang Demand for part-time home cleaning is up amid Covid-triggered shortages of full-time household help. A newly-formalised scheme gives Singapore’s...

Little People of the Andaman Islands

By Jayanta Sarkar, Anthropological Survey of India Additional Information Researchers at the Database for Indigenous Cultural Evolution, University of Missouri; Anvita Abbi, Professor of Linguistics,...

5 Fun Facts About Herbs in Asia That You Probably Didn’t Know

Asia is often affectionately associated with the use of herbs in the cuisines and daily lives. Different parts of Asia use herbs in different...