Transamerica Life Bermuda Partners with WWF to Raise Awareness on Forest Conservation


The “Rewrap Project” wraps your gifts in used newspaper or FSC certified paper to support a more sustainable Christmas

Singapore, 28 November 2019Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Ltd. (TLB), a leading High Net Worth life insurance provider, today announced its partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Singapore in their Rewrap Project. The campaign, running from 2 December to 24 December 2019, aims to increase top-of-mind awareness about the threats of deforestation and forest conservation efforts. All funds raised will go to support WWF’s conservation projects.

In Singapore alone, about 1 million tonnes of paper waste was generated in 2018 – equivalent to 17 million trees, 32,000 kg of atmospheric pollution, and thousands of animal lives that could have been saved. Under the Rewrap Project leading up to Christmas eve, WWF will have booths set up in shopping malls and commercial buildings across Singapore with nature ambassadors to engage and educate the community on this critical issue. In addition, TLB and WWF are encouraging the public to champion the spirit of giving back to nature even as they go about preparing for their Christmas celebrations. With a donation from S$5 for two items, volunteers from TLB and WWF will “rewrap” shoppers’ gifts with used newspapers or FSC certified papers and seal them with WWF stickers as a token of appreciation for their support.

This project with WWF is in-line with TLB’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) philosophy, TLB Inspire, which focuses on three key pillars – sustainability, innovative efforts and community outreach. “At TLB, we believe it is important to do our part to preserve and protect the environment for the next generation. The threat to our planet that deforestation poses are significant and working to end deforestation is our best chance to protect wildlife and to solve the climate change emergency that we are facing today,” said Nicholas Kourteff, CEO of TLB’s Singapore branch office.

“Our commitment to promoting sustainability is one of the key pillars of our CSR philosophy and we are delighted to partner with WWF, who shares our passion and dedication to environmental conservation and education. TLB is proud to sponsor WWF’s Rewrap Campaign and we encourage everyone to play a part in reducing paper waste and support a more sustainable holiday season this year,” added Nicholas.

“Across Southeast Asia, forests are being cleared to make way for the expansion of palm oil, pulp and paper production. WWF works closely with communities, businesses and governments to halt deforestation, mitigate forest fires and restore degraded forests. Our choices between conventional and sustainable paper sources have a direct impact on our forests, wildlife habitats and ultimately, the quality of our air. We are thankful that TLB is supporting this journey towards a sustainable future,” says Kim Stengert, Chief, Strategic Communication and External Relations, WWF Singapore.

TLB and WWF will be at various commercial buildings and shopping malls islandwide. Show your care for our planet, as you give a gift to your loved ones. You can find more information including the full schedule for the various Rewrap Project locations at WWF Singapore’s website:

About Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Ltd.:

Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Ltd. (TLB) is a leading High Net Worth life insurance provider, dedicated to offering life protection to High Net Worth individuals, families and businesses across Asia and beyond. Transamerica has been in Asia for over 80 years and has been the pioneer in managing universal life portfolios since 1981. TLB was awarded International Life Insurer of the Year Award (Hong Kong) at the Asian Banking & Finance Insurance Asia Awards 2019. TLB is part of the Aegon Group, a leading, international financial services group providing life insurance, pensions and asset management based in The Hague, Netherlands. Further information about TLB is available here:

About Aegon:

Aegon’s roots go back 175 years – to the first half of the nineteenth century. Since then, Aegon has grown into an international company, with businesses in more than 20 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Today, Aegon is one of the world’s leading financial services organisations, providing life insurance, pensions and asset management. Aegon’s purpose is to help people achieve a lifetime of financial security. Further information about Aegon is available here:

About WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature – Singapore):

WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisations, with over 5 million supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. WWF-Singapore’s campaigns centre around sustainable consumption, raising awareness and prompting action on issues such as deforestation, haze pollution, seafood sustainability and the illegal wildlife trade.


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