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Armed with homemade gunny-sack nets, the Indonesian villagers with their feet planted firmly on the inner walls of Mount Bromo's crater had their eyes fixated upwards.

China is increasingly becoming one of the world's biggest economic players, and in order for the country to sustain its rapid development well into the 21st century, it has set its eyes on making bigger and better connections to the rest of the world. To do this, China's President Xi Jinping in 2015 announced the implementation of the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) Initiative; an ambitious plan that seeks to connect both land and sea routes to enhance cooperation and connection with China and the rest of Eurasia.

Durian Fruit is a popular and desirable fruit, but is associated with a foul and pungent odor. 

Every relationship with Jakarta is a love-hate one. Well, it is not called the “Big Durian” for nothing.

by Asian Geographic

The Asian Geographic Images of Asia Photography Competition 2015 saw a change in approach as it was run within the Asia Dive Expo event that lasted over the weekend of April 10–12, 2015. The live judging took place on Saturday at 11am on April 11, 2015, and included one of the most accomplished line up of photographers from Manuel Librodo to Steven Yee and Triston Yeo. The live judging also had the privilege to have Wong Lam, one of Singapore’s top bird photographers, whose ability to play with high contrast exposure has made his photos one of the most compelling collections in the region. It was also a treat to have Chow Chee Yong, who brought his own unique flair to the judging table.


The Asian Geographic Images of Asia Photography Competition 2015 (From left) Justin Ong (ASIAN Geographic Photographer), Triston Yeo (Judge), Wong Lam (judge), Lunita S V Mendoza (Senior Editor), Chow Chee Yong (Judge), Manuel Librodo (Judge), Steven Yee (Judge) and William Tan (Judge)


Images Of Asia Photo Competition 2015 Winners


People of Asia category - Sanka Sammana Perera (Sri Lanka)



Architecture & Landscape category - Kyaw Win Hlaing (Myanmar)



Wildlife of Asia category - Michel Hagege (France)



Environment category - Ko Kyaw Zaw Lay (Myanmar)



Youth category - Zac Patsalides (United Kingdom)



Grand Prize Winner - Lalith Ekanayake (Sri Lanka)

THE WINNING IMAGE OF THE 2015 ASIAN GEOGRAPHIC IMAGES OF ASIA PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION GRAND PRIZE HAS BEEN DISQUALIFIED. In the Asian Geographic Images of Asia T&C clause #2, images that have won or placed in any other photo contests may not be submitted. The winning image was a Merit Award winner in the SIPA 2014 Nature category. The link to see this image is as follows:

Thus, as the GRAND PRIZE CATEGORY photo was chosen by the judges and not based on a point system as with the other category winners, this category for 2015 has been nullified.

Asian Geographic congratulations all winners of Images Of Asia Photography Competition 2015!




With over 9,000 entries from over 100 countries for a single competition year, the Images of Asia Photography Competition has been enjoyed by readers of ASIAN Geographic magazine for the past 14 years. In the past, guests have included legendary photographers Michael Yamashita, Michael Freeman and Steve McCurry. Photography legends and enthusiasts have gathered to celebrate the vitality and diversity of Asia in pictures. One of the highlights of the competition is the much-anticipated 'live' judging panel consisting of key industry leaders and photography professionals. We offer prizes in the following categories:

This category takes in portraits of people in Asia, reflecting one of the region's greatest offerings: the diversity of its cultures. 

This year, we are particularly interested in receiving works of street photography – images that capture fleeting moments of people going about their daily lives.

This category highlights some of the most relevant environmental issues in the region, from climate change to forest conservation

From the most iconic manmade structural designs to nature's vistas, this category welcomes the best of Asia's landscapes and cityscapes

This category celebrates the unique wildlife of Asia, on land and underwater. From miniscule insect species to rare large mammals, we want to see the best of the region's fauna

No matter where you’re from in the world, you are eligible to enter in this category if:
• You are below 21 on the date of submission (proof of age is mandatory with submissions)
• Photos are of Asia (see UN Geoscheme of Asia region)

Please read carefully to avoid jeopardising your chances of winning. Good luck!

Submission Deadline
Submissions close before August 1, 2017 at 00:00 (GMT+8) 

Competition Fees**
> Subscribers to our printed version of ASIAN Geographic may submit up to five photos for free. For each additional photo, a US$10 submission fee will be charged.
> E-Magazine subscribers may submit up to three photos for free. For each additional photo, a US$10 submission fee will be charged.
> Non-subscribers will be charged a submission fee of US$10 per photo. If a non-subscriber submits three photos (US$30) and more, they will automatically receive a one year e-Magazine subsciption free of charge (worth US$16.99).


Image specifications

- Colour Mode: RGB
- File Format: JPG (we do not process RAW files)
- JPG Compression: High Quality (low compression)
- Dimensions: 14″/35cm (at 300 dpi) or 4100px in the longest dimension (regardless of whether it is a portrait or landscape image)

Labeling Images
Name each jpg file according to the following template : Category_Participation Number_Title_Location.jpg
Example: PA_12345_Mother and Child_India.jpg

PP = People/Street Photographer of the Year 2016-2017
SP = Street Photographer of the Year 2016-2017
ENV = Environmental Photographer of the Year 2016-2017
AA = Architecture / Landscape Photographer of the Year 2016-2017
WL = Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016-2017
YP = Youth Photographer of the Year 2016-2017


Entry/Submission Procedure

1. Read the contest rules carefully
2. Submit the online entry form (scroll down)
3. Pay your entry fee via the secure PayPal website*
4. Receive a confirmation email with:
    a. your submission details
    b. payment link to the secure PayPal website**
5. Submit your photos according to the image specifications and submission guidelines.

* PayPal offers a secure payment gateway and accepts all common credit cards. No registration is required.
** Only applicable if you are not doing the payment directly after submitting the entry form.


Image Submission of files larger than 50mb

1. Create a folder with your email address.
2. Collect your images in this folder.
3. Create a compressed archive file (ZIP, SIT or RAR) of the folder
4. Submit the archive file together with your payment receipt to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via (recommended, easy to use).
5. Wait for a notification. We will check and confirm every single submission. if you will not hear from us within one week after your submission, please contact us.

Please note: For environmental reasons, the preferred method of entry is electronically. However, if this method is not possible due to slow/limited internet connection, you can physically submit your images on CD to:

Images of Asia 2016-2017
Asian Geographic Magazines Pte Ltd
20 Bedok South Road
Singapore 469277


Online Entry Form

by Felicia Liu

With Singapore’s 50th year of independence, Asian Geographic paid homage to this progressive little island we call home with a special SG50 edition for this year’s Asian Geographic Hot Soup Challenge school quiz questions. Of course, gruelling questions on Asia’s diverse and dramatic heritage and history still remained a mainstay.

Held at Singapore’s *SCAPE The Treetop on July 11, 2015, the competition brought together 32 teams from various schools around Singapore, all bursting with excitement to show off their knowledge on the Asian region. Kicking off with a brand new quiz format this year, all teams took part in the first three rounds of the competition, with the top three scoring teams battling for the prestigious Guardians of the Champions Cup in the Grand Finals. The event was graced by Guest-of-Honour, Mr Baey Yam Keng, Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC. Mr Baey shared interesting anecdotes and his thoughts on educational programmes and the youths of today. Joining in the fun, Mr Baey also became gamemaster by quizzing the students in an NDP Funpack segment and gave away five coveted NDP Funpacks.

Kowloon Walled City – 300 interconnected high-rise buildings, built without contributions from architects or engineers, home to nearly 40,000 people.

According to shocking official statistics from 2013, in India, a women is abducted every 10 minutes and one is raped every 20 minutes. In response to such a dire reality, the Gulabi Gang, an association of 400,000 women, has become the bane of rapists, abusers, and corrupt policemen.


“Huế Tinh Yeu Cua Toi” (“Huế My Love”) is one of the many songs written about the beautiful city of Huế. Young and old, from the north to the south, all Vietnamese are as familiar with this song as we are with the national anthem. Visiting the city, you’re almost certain to hear one of the many Huế songs playing in coffee shops around town. This beautiful place has inspired countless artists, poets and songwriters for generations.

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